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You must know about premarital health checkup: The Essential guide

premarital health checkup
Written by Sukarna

Premarital health checkup is a beautiful medical concept before marriage, to enjoy a healthy married life. It also ensures a safe sex life. Generally, the wedding season starts from November, December and that continues up to March. wedding is a very special occasion for our life. And we love to spend this day very luxuriously. Generally, we plan for wedding attire, gifts, invitation, photography, food, and honeymoon destination. This is well and good. I think wedding is the purpose of immense excitement for every caste and religion. We would like to celebrate our special day with the blessings of family members and the supports of relatives and friends. As the moment of finding our love, and commitment with him/her for the lifetime is very precious.

In India a large number of emotions associated with a single marriage. We used to plan for our wedding with the consent of our parents. We embark on our new journey with the blessing of them.

But As we know the wedding ceremony may last for 3-4 days, but happy and healthy married life is our long term goal.

So we should consider both this topic first

  1. Marriage counseling The inevitable premarital therapy for healthy married life
  2. Premarital health checkup.

What is premarital health checkup?

Premarital health checkup is the type of health checkup that performed for the would-be bride and bridegroom, to detect any kind of blood-related disease or genetically dormant disease. Blood disease such as sickle cell anemia, Leukemia or genetic disorder that may transfer to their future offspring. Or some infectious disease or sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Auto-immune disorder, hepatitis B, C. These tests are important before marriage. If the report is positive, partners get aware of it and take precautions before intimacy. These tests also help couples at the stage of family planning, and pregnancy.

Premarital health checkup for couples

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Why the Premarital health Checkup is important

If you and your partner going to start a new journey of love and lifelong commitment, You both deserve good health. The premarital health checkup helps the would-be bride and bridegrooms to identify any kind of probable health complications, that may be genetic, infectious or transmissible,  but apparently not visible. Before start your sex life you need to clarify that. If some infectious or transmissible disease condition finds out in reports, take medical help to cure it before marriage. And both partners should support to each other if some crisis happens.

Proper premarital health check-up report provides unbiased evidence of health condition. You and your partner’s health condition is majorly based on family history, genetics, food habits, culture, addiction.  Actually premarital checkup is now so important as it detects the dormant illness, hereditary problems of partners.

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Three main reasons for premarital check-up

In the early paragraph, I give a brief idea about premarital health check and why it is important. Here I would like to tell about them in-depth. How a clinical test before marriage can save a whole family. Because we believe that prevention is better than cure. And that test ensures better health and successful married life. So keep calm and read this article till the end.

  • Premarital health checkup mainly consists of a blood test routine for both husband-wife. To check Leukemia, Thalassemia test, or sickle cell anemia. Because this trait may transfer to their offspring.
  • Blood group test and Rh factor or Rhesus factor identification are important. As similar (positive Rh factor) leads to a successful pregnancy. The blood group of parents and the Rhesus factor is important for the fetus. Negative Rh factor may cause complication during pregnancy, there will be a major possibility of miscarriage. So the patient needs special attention
  • Genetic counseling for both partners, to build a genomic map. And identify the possible disease that may take place in the future. For example, if his/her family ancestors have high blood sugar levels, then it is a hereditary factor, that he/she has the high possibility to suffer from type2 diabetes after a certain age. Because he/she carries activated insulin resistance genes. Same for cancer also. In this case, prevention is better. And Genetic counseling gives you an unbiased report.
premarital health checkup

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  • Urine test for urinary tract infection, pelvic ultrasound screening (for female), and Kidney function test for male-female both.


  • Erythrocyte sedimentation test, that tells us about body inflammation procedure. HBsAg test for hepatitis B. VDLR/RPR test for the possibilities of Syphilis disease.


  • Blood sugar, and blood pressure check


These are some common tests couples should perform before their marriage.

When to go for a premedical health checkup?

Generally, 6months before the wedding is the best time for a premarital health checkup. But don’t worry couples; if you haven’t done any checkup before marriage, then you can go for above mention tests before family planning.

Why urine test, HBA1c, and RBS test is important?

Urine test is mandatory for both partners to check the kidney function and creatinine level. UTI or Urinary tract infection also detected through a urine test for female partner.

RBS and HbA1c tests linked to diabetes. Diabetes or blood sugar level plays a vital role in sex drive for the partners. Male Partner with diabetes majorly suffers from Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation.

HBsAg test performed to check the Hepatitis B infection. This virus mainly affects the liver and leads to liver cancer or cirrhosis.

Is sperm count analysis necessary before marriage?

Sperm count test or semen analysis of male partners is performed to check their fertility, sperm quality and quantity. As reproduction is depending on it. Low sperm count adversely affects the entire reproductive process.

Why pelvic ultrasound screening is conducted in premarital health checkup?

Gynecologist often prescribes ultrasound screening of lower abdomen (pelvic region) of the female partner to check the condition of the uterus, cervix region, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. This is the fertility test for women, it detects whether she has the probability of miscarriage or not.

Through blood tests and ultrasound report, gynecologists often guide couples when should they plan for a baby, when should she conceive.

happy couples after premarital health checkup

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So premarital complete health checkup not only check your reproductive efficiency but also determine your sex-life after marriage. In Indian, we often go to astrologer, making Kundli, the birth chart of husband-wife, and try to match them to peruse a successful married life. But don’t even think about premarital health checkups. But it is really a basic need before marriage. Reproduction and conceive a baby is not only a responsibility for wife. Husbands are equally responsible for this. He also deserves a fertility test.

In India, our society and family always blame women for not having a baby after two-three years of marriage. Always make the question about women’s fertility. but never make the same with their husbands. It is the problem of our society and our thinking

So we should think more scientifically. According to me premarital health checkup is a basic necessity prior to marriage. Thus couples get aware of the upcoming turbulence of life. And get time to take precautions. This is always better to have heads up.

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