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Skinception® Intensive Stretch mark Therapy Cream by Dave David, M.D

Skinception™ intensive stretchmark therapy cream
Written by Sukarna

Are you feeling embarrassed with the stretched mark on your personal area? And refrain from wearing your favorite swimming costume!!!

Then this article is for you, As here I’m going to talk about Skinception® intensive stretch mark therapy cream, discovered by Dr. Dave David, M.D.

Often we are not confident to wear some of our favorite dresses due to stretch marks on our upper arms, buttocks, thighs, breasts, and stomach. This is very disheartening for a woman.

And this is the most common problem after pregnancy and weight change. This is very disheartening for a woman. But now say goodbye to stretch mark, and stop hiding them under clothes.

You will feel more confident to flaunt your body.

This stretch mark therapy cream not only fades away your stretch mark but also prevent it for the future. This cream is made up of a series of clinically tested bio-active compounds, that significantly erase the appearance of the stretch marks.

How Skinception®  intensive stretch mark therapy cream helps to reduce and prevent stretch mark

During weight changes, adolescence period, or at the time of pregnancy, our body produces a large amount of Glucocorticoid hormone, and that is responsible for stretch marks.
Glucocorticoid hormone inhibits the natural collagen, and Elastin production of our body, thus our skin faces internal stress, and becomes stretched and damaged.
Here Skinception®  stretch mark therapy cream works on your skin in such a way that your skin starts to produce natural collagen and Elastin. This cream has been formulated with a large number of clinically tested dermaceutical components, that improve the natural production of elastin and collagen when it is applied to the area. And the collagen and elastin make a balance between the dermal matrix of the skin, thus it starts healing.

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Kollagen Intensive by Skinception- A scientific outcome from Dr. Dave David

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What are the benefits you get from this anti-stretch mark cream

  • Boost collagen and elastin production
  • Reduces red and purple discoloration
  • Improve and restore skin elasticity
  • Make your skin clear and even
  • Smoothes furrows.

This Skinception® cream is made up of dermatologically tested, clinically proven bio-active ingredients. which is completely focused on eliminating stretch marks. ( It is not a combination cream which is anti-aging, skin-whitening, and anti-cellulite product).

Clinically proven bioactive ingredients are:


This bioactive ingredient prevents and eliminates stretch marks by slowing down the degeneration process, and stimulating the regeneration of the extracellular matrix.
A clinical experiment was performed on 13 women having post-pregnancy stretch mark applied 2% Regestril™ on the affected area for two months, then got a visible result
As per the average result, the color, indention, and intensity of the stretchmark reduced by more than 21.7 %.
72.5 % improvement in the depth of stretch mark within just 2 months of using.


Bioactive ingredient Darutoside stimulates the collagen matrix build-up by promoting tissue regeneration and wound healing activity.
Doctor David and his team performed four weeks of clinical study, where 1.5% Darutoside™ was applied by volunteers. (twice in a day)
And got some positive results
Smoothness of the surface improves up to 14 %
Length of the irregularity and streaks reduced by 52%
Eliminates indentation by 55%


ProSveltyl® contains a specific protein repair enzyme, called Lysoaspertyl methyltransferase which eliminates the appearance of the skin surface irregularities, and hydrates tightens your skin
This bio-active ingredient has acne scar reducing, and tissue regenerative properties. These properties are useful to remove visible stretch marks.


It is a bio-active ingredient that promotes the synthesis of collagen I, the most common type of collagen in our body.

Dr. David and his team performed 56 days of a clinical study, where volunteers applied 2% concentration of Pro-Coll-0ne+ two times in a day. And got a visible result.

  • Skin surface became more smooth (up to 10%)
  • 78% of participants saw a visible difference on the surface of the skin, it became very smooth.

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Skinception™ intensive stretch mark therapy cream contains all of the above ingredients, and they are highly efficient to fade away and prevent stretch marks for the future. So, we can say this product can eliminate your problem, and you will feel more confident to flaunt your body. You can check this product details on their website. The link is given below.

Skinception stretch mark therapy



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