Marriage Counseling: The inevitable Pre-marital therapy for a healthy married life

Marriage counseling and its importance
Written by Sukarna

This is the season of blooming winter and marriage ceremony. Getting married to your loved one is the most beautiful moment. As it is the most important milestone in our life. ( For emotional health). You don’t need a lot of people in your life, but the single one to whom you love the most. Who emotionally satisfies you.

At first congratulation from the bottom of my heart, if You and your fiancée embark on the new journey of marriage.

Making relationships is very easy, but maintaining it requires so much dedication, patience, and maturity. The husband-wife relationship is too sensitive. And according to me, quality-time is the only fuel to maintain a healthy marriage. Here I will talk about marriage counseling or Premarital counseling. Hope you can understand the important role of marriage counseling before marriage.

So, if you are going to start a new journey with your love, stick with the article for a few minutes.

Main Objective of Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling or premarital counseling is the special type of mental counseling, that emotionally prepares you and your partner for a lifelong journey of love, and understanding. It ensures to have a strong bonding between husband-wife. Premarital counseling assists you to get a successful married life, and a healthy relationship. It reduces divorce or separation rate.

According to statistics, marring couples are not intentionally divorced. But few mistakes and misunderstandings can break the lovable relationship. Marriage counseling educates us,” How to save our marriage, and make satisfy each other”. But very sad, it is the most ignored topic in our society. Nobody wants to talk about this.

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We start a relationship with best intentions, but sometimes life brings unforeseen challenges in front of us. And we can’t cope up with these problems. We used to think that love life is painted with pink and blue imaginary colors, but it is the most immature thought. I think love life is the most challenging.

Love, trust, understanding, and commitment make your relationship stronger, and healthier. But too much expectation and lack of trust can weaken the mental bond.  So the first step is being loyal and transparent with your partner and never break trust.

Marriage counseling and importance

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Marriage Counseling also support long-distance relationship issues

In the case of a distance relationship, maintaining a relationship becomes more challenging, Life brings countless problems to solve. Sometimes circumstances become too complicated to handle. But if you build a strong understanding, and faith between each other, no circumstances can break the bonding. Again loyalty and transparency play a vital role.

The sole purpose of premarital counseling is to help you to get a successful partnership. Because no one deserves divorce and breakup, as it may completely disrupt our emotional and mental health. Either you make a true relationship or quiet and move on, but don’t hang in between them.

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According to research marriage counseling can save your marriage 30% more, and prepare us to face married life challenges efficiently.

A healthy married life is the most important life goal for me.

Let me know what do you dreaming about your married life?? (If you want)

What is premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling is one type of couple therapy, that trains you and your fiancée on how to identify issues and manage conflicts that will arise in marriage life. This counseling is mostly recommended for couples after the engagement, and before taking responsibilities legally.

Premarital counseling educates couples to stay connected during crises and conflicts. You and fiancée are from different families, born and brought up are different. Naturally, conflicts arise at some points of married life, that doesn’t mean end your relationship. This counseling is designed in such a way to help the couple on a subtle level.

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Marriage counseling provides the theory of Conflict resolution therapy to the upcoming husband-wife, to lead a successful married life. ( You and your partner should support each other at the time of crisis, without blaming each other). The best way of transforming I to We. This proactive marriage counseling try to prevent negative emotions from couples mind, most of the time responsible for broken marriages. unsuccessful relationship.

So, let me give you a quick view of the premarital counseling session. Professionals include some points to improve the maturity of would be husband-wife. Like:

  • Conflicts resolution strategies
  • Decision-making style
  • Role of gender in marriage.
  • How to maintain a financial goal
  • Parenting and communication style

Different style of premarital counseling

Depending on Your religious background and personality expert choose the suitable one for you. Marriage counselor always chooses the best for you and your fiancée to increase effectiveness, ensure the best outcome in a new journey of life. There are different types of marriage counseling, always choose the right one.

Online marriage counseling course

Married life is more personal thing for us. Sometimes we need private talk. Thus you can take the assistance of online premarital counseling courses, to achieve healthy relationship goals. Generally, online counseling takes only 6-8 hours of a day, with closer discussion with you and your fiancée. A licensed marriage therapist conducts a self-guided session for you both ( on how to calm and quiet in crises and family problems).

Because we often think that married life is only for love and intimacy. But there are a lot of challenges we have to solve, by understanding each other. When you enroll in an online premarital counseling season, an expert educates you with thoughtful information on how to handle conflicts, and lead a healthy married life. As we all deserve our love and do not encourage divorce.

One to one marriage counseling

This is a traditional method of marriage counseling. Most of the couples prefer one to one professional pre-marital sessions. This makes a strong foundation of relationships for a long time. One to one premarital session is more effective for arrange-marriage. As, before marriage, we have to know each other, to build an understanding. One-to-one premarital counseling teaches the couple how to manage common issues related to family problems, decision making on any aspects of life. This premarital counseling improves the relationship and mental bonding with your fiancée. And the session will be completely confidential.

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Compatibility test of the couple

This Compatibility test of premarital counseling is like a personality test of would-be husband-wife. This test performs through some question-answer sessions. Counselor asks you about your likes, dislikes. Food habits, the lifestyle you both used to lead. It generally wants to assess your thought process. This assessment session designed in such a way to build a strong foundation of the relationship. The compatibility test educates you both with the power of acceptance. It is the most important tool to get a successful married life. As acceptance power from both sides removes unnecessary conflicts and agitation.

Replace ego with acceptance to build a healthy relationship with your partner. And be supportive of each other.

Apart from these three strategies, many institutions offer Group discussion sessions, where married couples share their experience, and aware of the would-be couple with new conflict resolution strategies.  This is like a peer helping peer sessions. They openly discuss problems and solutions. This session is not so confidential, but very helpful for a newbie.

Married life quote

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Although I am naive about this topic, I feel the importance of marriage counseling. Because we are at the optimum age of marriage. Getting married to your dear one is just like a dream come true, but you also deserve a successful married life. Overcome your ego, anger with acceptance, love, and patience. (Applicable for both partner).

Last but not least be honest with your relationship. Spend quality time with each other, as it works as a panacea for all problems. For me, time is more precious than any expensive gift from my partner.

So, Let me know what is your expectation from your life partner………….










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