Learn and Know about the benefits of Yin Yoga

In our modern sedentary lifestyle Yoga is become very important for living a healthy life, As practicing yoga keeps us healthy and energetic throughout the day.

So today we are going to speak about the benefits of Yin Yoga.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is the slowly placed type of yoga, governed by the principle of traditional Chinese medicines along with asana or posture. It holds for a longer period of time than other styles of yoga or asanas. Yin yoga works on the deep connective tissues like ligaments, fascia, and tendons. This yoga posture applies mild to moderate stress on your connective tissues to improve the blood circulation of the joints and enhance joint flexibility.
Not only connective tissues but also Yin Yoga stimulates and improves the activity of the internal organs. Here the stimulation is very deep yet gentle. As the stress given onto the visceral part of the body. So Yin yoga affects the internal organs.

What are the benefits of doing Yin Yoga?

Practicing Yin yoga can benefit you in different ways, it works on the subtle level of your body and mind. Let’s emphasize on them

1. Calms and relaxed our body and mind

Practicing Yin yoga is good for your body as well as mind. As we said this yoga pose works especially on connective tissues of our body, so they also respond in a very slow but steady rate. Thus the Yin Yoga pose requires a longer period of time compared to other yoga poses. This yoga calms down your mind too. As it is a longer process, you can observe what is going on in your mind, so that you can control your thoughts. Release emotional stress, and thus you become mentally relaxed

2. Improve the digestive system

Yin yoga improves our digestive system in different ways. This yoga pose stimulates the Parasympathetic nervous system( PNS), When PNS gets activated, our body sends blood flow to our internal organs and brain cells, and hence the digestive system of our body gets improved, reduces the symptoms of acid-reflux, Gastro-intestine problems.

3. Release fascia and improve the function of internal organs

Yin yoga has different poses and steps, that stimulate and removes the myofascial blockage, which makes a balance between an internal organ and the whole body.

4. Improve flexibility

Doing regular Yin yoga practice improves the flexibility of elastic fascia and mobile joints. Yin yoga is the most effective yoga style to improve your body flexibility

5. Boosts blood circulation

With the sequence of breathing pose, you intake more oxygen into your body and muscle, therefore it helps increase the flow of blood and circulation throughout the body

6. Relieve from stress and anxiety

Yin yoga is an asana with a long period of time compared to other yoga steps, and the research study found that it has a significant impact on lowering stress and anxiety, reduces the symptoms of depression. It calms down your mind and slows down your heartbeats.

Hope this article is fruitful for you, and making aware of the benefits of doing Yin Yoga regularly, last but not least yin yoga is also good for persons suffering from arthritis, chronic injury, and Osteoporosis. To know more about yoga, steps, and benefits, please stay connect with us.

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