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Be positive and optimistic
Written by Sukarna

“When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade”

It sounds very easy, but practically it is a challenging task.

In some situations, it is very easy to say stay positive and optimistic, stay away from negativity, but in real case it is difficult.

Very easy to pick negativity, and crying every night. But accepting the situation, and bringing a smile on your face need mental strength, only motivational quotes doesn’t work here. Need mental support, and coordination.

Suppose someone is suffering from chronic illness, depression, or pain, here only motivation doesn’t work properly. The person needs mental counseling, and support from her family and loved one.

How to be positive and optimistic in a negative situation

Struggle is an inevitable part of our life. We can’t delete these situations, rather than have to deal with them in a calm mind.

If you want to make a positive and optimistic mindset in a negative situation, then you need some guidance. It can be a good book, or Biography, or inspiring web blogs, or it can be a person like a life coach or an inspirational speaker.

I personally motivated by the speech of Sandeep Maheswari sir, or holy book of Sri Ramakrishna-Vivekananda books. Regular reading of good books or, listening to life-changing audio can shape up your thoughts from your subconscious level.

In short, I can say “take care of your thoughts”. As thoughts make actions, and actions make your destiny.

If you think positively in a negative situation and make your mind calm and cool, you can see the opportunity in that situation, As every cloud has a silver lining.

But it is no easy task to handle every tough situation primarily, you need a good practice.

Optimistic and happy

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How to create a positive mindset

If you want to create the right mindset, you need to follow some steps regularly. Build good habits of them, and see the changes within. As hope, happiness, satisfaction comes from the inner world.

Lets, talk about them…

Chant AUM in the morning

AUM is the basic sound of the universe. So If we chant AUM regularly in the morning, we would connect with the positive vibration of the universe. Act of chanting AUM relaxed your body and mind, release stress. Pronunciation of AUM repeatedly slows down our nervous system, thus calm down our mind.

There are a lot of benefits of chanting AUM,

  • Chanting of AUM increase mental alertness.
  • Develop environmental alertness
  • Improve pulmonary activity.
  • This sacred mantra relief you from depression, anxiety, and stress.

The main root of AUM word is “Hindu religion”. But anyone can chant AUM irrespective of religion, and spiritual path. This mantra is for all human beings. As “AUM” sound represents the sound of the universe.

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Positive self-talk is important

Spend some time with yourself in a day. It is called “ Me time”. What you think or what you say yourself is important. Never say negative words to yourself, otherwise your subconscious mind will accept it. And cultivate negative thoughts.

Remember you are your best friend, and positive affirmations are your guide, through this you can just restart your life.

Positive self-talk always motivates you to do the right work at the right time. And build up enough confidence.

Positive self-talk is like that

I am successful, I am capable enough to do my job, I am intelligent

My life is beautiful, I am happy enough with this.

Never say

I can’t do it, I am unhappy, I am not satisfied with my life

I want to die or nobody loves me.

When you learn something you can say yourself that It is okay to be failed or unsuccessful when trying something new, this is an opportunity to learn something new.

Don’t be afraid of failure, Make it a step of learning.

Deeply observe your negative thought pattern

Observe your thoughts without judgment. Read your mind without evaluating them. Our thoughts are like waves in the still river. Deeply observing our thoughts is important, As our thoughts are the main culprit of our sufferings, worry, and depression.

So If you face a negative situation, and worried about it, please take a deep breath, and observe your thoughts without judgment. And accept your negative emotions, so that you can overcome them.

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We re able to watch our thoughts, and not allow the negativity to take over our minds.

I believe a calm and quiet mind can manage every challenging situation. You can fix your negative thoughts by noticing them. Observing the thought patterns is the trick to stop our negative thoughts.

Optimistic and happy

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Reframe your negative situations

Obstacle, set-back, failure are the common parts of our living. Everyone is facing difficulties in each step of life. But how you are approaching them is important. You should not be dwelling on this situation, and hurt yourself. Try to see them in the light of intelligence, and knowledge.

Just an example, If you are not a fluent English speaker

Don’t think you are less than somebody, It will kill your confidence, and can never speak English fluently.

Instead of that just think “ It is a simple language, I can learn easily. And if I make some mistakes, it will natural for me in the journey of learning. As mistakes are good. These are the opportunity to learn new things”.

Think just like that, and reframe the difficult situation.

We are normal human beings, so negative thoughts are common. You should accept our negative emotions, but don’t let them overpower your mind. So that you can make growth in your life.

Always think about the positive aspects of life

When you are thinking about something, your brain gets a signal that it is his priority, so your brain works accordingly. When you think about a bad experience, automatically you feel down.

In the same way whenever you think about positive experience, achievements you feel happy and optimistic.

For example, you can see your old photographs, and remind your good memories.

Write a gratitude journal, that makes you feel more optimistic, or you can post your favorite motivational quotes around your home, or workplace, so that you can read them often.

Gratitude towards God or mother nature is good, make the list of gratitude.


And last but not the least, please Surround yourself with the optimistic people. 

I hope this article is helpful to you. If you like this please share it with your dear one.





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