How do I put my iPhone in portrait mode

A portrait mode is available on iPhone that has advanced features. This mode utilizes the camera in advanced iPhone model to create a depth-of-field effect. This is a special feature that composes a photo in such a way, that keeps your object sharp and blurring out the background environment. You can also take a selfie in portrait mode, and put lighting effects.


Following iPhone models have portrait mode feature:


iPhone SE (2nd generation)

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone XR

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone X

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus


If you want to take a selfie in portrait mode, you should have iPhone X or later with a modern version of iOS


How to Take Photos in portrait mode ( step-by-step guide)


There are step by step guideline on how to put my iPhone in portrait mode


  1. Open the camera app on your iPhone with the latest version of iOS and swipe to portrait mode
  2. Follow the tips given on your phone screen, When portrait mode is all ready, alter the lighting effects as you want like Natural light, yellow mode
  3. Then just tap the shutter button


The Camera app of the latest iPhone is so advanced that it will guide you, and let you know when you are too close or far, or the lighting of the area is not proper, maybe too dark.

After taking photos you can edit them by the built-in editing tool.


How to add portrait lighting in your photo


On an advanced model of iPhone like iPhone X or later, iPhone 8 plus you can use portrait lighting features to add studio-quality lighting effects to your Portrait mode images. You can brighten up, and contour the facial feature, and add dramatic effects to your subject.

Portrait lighting features also offer stage light options to focus the subject in the spotlight.

Stage mono is for stage light with black and white background.


High-key light mono is for your grayscale subject with white background.


Portrait mode allows you to see a real-time preview of lighting effects. You are also able to change the portrait lighting effects of any one of your portrait mode photos.


How do I change the portrait lighting effect of my photo taken of portrait mode


Here is the step-by-step guide


  1. Open the photo app of your iPhone, and then select the portrait mode photo that you want to change
  2. Tap edit option and the lighting effects appear in the bottom of the photo
  3. Next swipe the lighting effect to choose the one you prefer
  4. Then just tap done

Through this process, you can change the portrait lighting effect of your previously taken photos.


How to take a selfie in portrait mode


You can take a selfie in portrait mode with the help of iPhone X or later version


  1. Open the camera app
  2. Go to portrait mode, and tap the front-facing camera button
  3. Then hold your phone in front of your face
  4. Finally, take a selfie in portrait mode with one of the volume buttons. You can also add the portrait lighting effect of your choice



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