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Detoxify your brain with these simple tips-believe me it’s easy

Detoxify your brain
Written by Sukarna

Mental detoxification is important along with physical detoxification. As it will improve your concentration, and boost your memory.

But how to detoxify your brain!!!

Don’t worry here I’m going to discuss “How to detox your brain with the easiest way”. Focus, concentration are two important tools to get a successful life. Distraction is very common. Everyone in this world gets distracted for some time, but you need to know how to plunge in yourself in betterment.


So, here I’m going to share some tips and tricks to detox your brain


Know about Glymphatic system that detoxify your brain

Glymphatic system is a waste clearance system that mainly takes part in mental detoxification. This macroscopic system is highly efficient to eliminate metabolites and protein from the central nervous system. The Glymphatic system is more active at the time of sleep and inactive during wakefulness. So a sound sleep is the first and most important criterion of brain detoxification.

During sleep your other biological process get slows down, then Glymphatic system actively performs its job, and eliminates potentially neurotoxic products, such as Beta-amyloids, and other metabolites.



Now the important question is how to activate our Glymphatic system

1. You need a sound sleep to improve your brain activity

Sleep plays a vital role in the function of glymphatic system. If you want to introduce the natural detoxification of your brain, you need enough sleep each night.


It is important to maintain a regular bedtime. Making a decent sleep schedule is important. Otherwise, your biological clock gets disturbed.

Waking up in the morning and going to bed at night at the same time each day( including weekend) make a sleep-wake cycle. You will get better rest, and improve your quality of sleep. For natural detoxification of your brain, you need 7-9 hours of sound sleep routinely.

2. Do exercise regularly

Regular exercise plays an important for mental freshness. It will promote sound sleep at a particular time. Researchers proved that exercise has a significant effect on waste disposal of our central nervous system.

Exercise improves your sleeping pattern and sleeping quality. Apart from these exercise has lot more positive effect on mental health

  • Like Exercise reduce anxiety and depression
  • Control mental stress
  • Boost up your mood
  • Improve cognitive behavior
  • Maintain good energy level

And these things indirectly affect on your glymphatic system, so that it can work more efficiently.

3. Make a healthy diet plan

After proper sleep, you have to consider a diet. Some food in the dinner time can disrupt your sleep. For a sound sleep, you need to avoid the following food just before bedtime.


  • Coffee or tea
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy and acidic food
  • Heavy meal

4. Make some distress time before bed

Stress and anxiety can disrupt your sleep pattern, and these things come from the negative thoughts. So you need to take care of your thoughts before sleep. Try to make the following habits one hour before going to bed. That may help you to take a good night sleep


  • Reading some inspiring books like biography, motivational story that calm your mind
  • Write a journal, write some affirmations which can generate good thoughts
  • Practice some yoga or light exercise
  • Take warm water bath, with some essential oil (apply aromatherapy)
  • Do some breathing exercise
  • Listen some relaxing music


5. Keep hydrated yourself and choose brain activating food

Dehydration negatively affects your cognitive behavior, like memory and concentration. It can also change your mood. You need to take plenty of water to improve your cognitive behavior and mental health.


Apart from the water you also maintain a brain-boosting diet, instead of taking junk and processed food just take plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fat, vitamins, anti-oxidants, dry-fruits.

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6. Your brain also needs some rest

Just like our body, the brain also needs some rest. Mental rest doesn’t mean unlimited internet scrolling. It is nothing but simply seat for some time and enjoy the moment. Make sure that you are giving sufficient time to your brain for proper rest.


Therefore it will improve your cognitive behavior, sleep, and consequently, the glymphatic system becomes more active to eliminate the toxic products from your central nervous system and detoxify your brain.

( be careful about consuming news feeds in social media and news channels, as it will create more panic in your mind. Just watch or read positive things to maintain a good vibration throughout the day, As you can’t control all situation, everything is not in our hand )


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