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Common Signs of Clinical Depression everyone should know

Common signs of clinical depression
Written by Sukarna

Today I am going to talk about a little different topic “Common signs of Clinical depression”. Medically it is known as clinical depression. Have you ever think that why human being always suffering from depression??

The answer is because of the developed thought process. We are the owner of very complexes brain structure. So we can think differently from other living beings. It is really a blessing for us.

But as we know positivity always comes with some negativity. And the negativity is our habit of overthinking. If you think about anything with pin-point concentration, it gives you clarity and precise idea. When overthinking combines with inner conflicts, it ensures a negative outcome. And clinical depression is the consequence of long term practice of overthinking and anxiety.

Clinical depression is a very serious form of depression. Medically pronounced as “Major depressive disorder”. It is something different from normal depression caused due to loss or separation of loved one, mood swings due to hormonal issues of women.

What is clinical depression

A persistent feeling of hopelessness, feelings of sadness and crying alone is the first and common symptoms of clinical depression. 90 % person of people feel down or sad at some points in their life. But doesn’t mix these feelings with the clinical depression symptoms.

Psychiatrists identify the clinical depression by long term mood swings without any reason, particularly early times of the day that become your regular practice. If someone suffering from a regular depressed mood, he/she will lose interest in life, people have no urge to do work and surrounded by hopelessness.

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Clinical depression

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Common signs of clinical depression

For the sake of treatment, doctors use some criteria of clinical depression. These criteria completely based on diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder (DSM-5) authorized by the American psychiatric association.

Let’s focus on sign and symptoms of clinical depression

  • Constant feeling of emptiness, tearfulness, hopelessness.
  • Lack of interest in life or in normal activity.
  • Frustration, short temper, anger outburst over the minor condition, lack of patience.
  • Insomnia (lack of sleep) or too much sleep.
  • Appetite loss or excessive craving for junk food to get instant mental pleasure.
  • Lack of energy, fatigue, always feeling tired even after doing a very small portion of work.
  • Feeling of restlessness, anxiety.
  • Frequent suicidal thoughts or willing for death, and try to escape from life
  • A chronic feeling of pain in the body, and headache.
  • Unable to focus or concentrate on anything. Indecisiveness, Absent-minded, can’t remember past few incidents, and Constant guilt feeling, always thinking about past failure, and regret.

After reading these symptoms, you may think that these are the sign of regular depression, but no. The above symptoms are severe enough, and the patient needs medical checkups. Otherwise, the patient will take the help of the drug, or going to do suicide. Therefore many ways patients want to escape from life.

People of any age or sex can be affected by clinical depression. Although the symptoms of clinical depression is severe, but curable through counseling, anti-depression, and mental support. So If you feel someone is suffering from clinical depression, always support them to overcome this stage of life.

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Do you know women are a high risk of Clinical depression!!!

According to medical statistics, women suffer from clinical depression two times more than men. It has lot more reasons. Like alteration of hormones during puberty, and menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, miscarriage are mainly responsible for a severe range of depression. women are emotionally sensitive, and here the big reason is hormone level-ups and down

Apart from these, the increase of stress hormones due to excess work pressure at home and office. Because women have to balance both career and family life. This is like dual responsibility.

Common signs of clinical depression among men

Men are less suffered from clinical depression than men. Because of biological reasons. They have hormonal stability better than women. But men try to hide their depression and even not interested in seeking help. In most cases, they don’t want to share their experiences.

There are some common signs of clinical depression among men, that may include irritability, anger outburst, increasing alcohol or drug dependency. According to psychiatrists men want to hide negative feeling, therefore they become violent day by day. And have more suicidal tendency.

What are the common cause of clinical depression 

Clinical depression among men

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How to diagnosed clinical depression

Primarily a medical counselor or psychiatrist performs some medical evolution. The psychiatrist may ask you about the mental health condition history to understand the root cause of your major depression. Ask you a lot of questions to identify particular symptoms.

No laboratory tests are performed (blood test, X-ray, or other tests). But sometimes the doctor suggests doing a hormonal test or thyroid tests.

So if someone suffering from above-written symptoms, he or she should connect with an expert Psychiatrist to diagnose the main cause.

How to treat clinical depression or major depression

Clinical depression is a serious problem, yet it is curable. Depending on the intensity of the disease, your doctor may recommend good sleep and anti-depressant medicines.  At a certain stage of treatment, the doctor would suggest talk therapy, or psychotherapy, to understand your emotional state.

For more severe circumstances, doctors add conjugative medicines with an antidepressant to ensure effectiveness.

Electroconvulsive therapy ( ECT) or shock therapy also recommended by a psychiatrist if the medicine does not work properly.

How to prevent clinical depression

You can detect this by identifying common signs of clinical depression. Once you think that you are suffering from clinical or major depression, don’t hide them, discuss with a close person, whom you love and trust the most. Feel free to take medical counseling. Because one episode of depression causes another episode, thus the symptoms become more violent and suicidal. And finish the course of prescribed medicine to avoid relapse. Early treatment and proper medication alleviate your suffering. You may get a new life, gain interest in it.

Motivational quotes for clinical depression

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