Ask question before marriage: The benefits of Premarital counseling

Benefits of premarital Counseling
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What are the benefits of premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling prepares a couple for long term commitment after marriage. Encourage a satisfied married life. Because no one deserves to be divorced. Nowadays relationships get affected by conflicts and sensitive issues.  We Psychologist often recommend premarital counseling to buildup a decent understanding between partners.

In my previous article, I have discussed What is premarital counseling briefly. Please check it out, before reading this article to get more clarification on the benefits of marriage counseling.

Marriage Counseling, an inevitable premarital therapy for a healthy married life

A lot of problems can be avoided after marriage if you both start your journey with proper planning. Spending quality time, and talking with each other generally resolves maximum issues.

Premarital counseling educates you about how to handle family stress, financial issues, the expert also tell about how to make the right decision without conflicts, parenting, communications. How to make a balance between personal and professional life ( Modern age couple mostly ignore it).

Personal space is important to maintain a happy marriage life. Both the couple should respect and acknowledge their personal space. As it plays a very important role in the relationship.

Our family also plays a vital role in married life, where acceptance from both sides is appreciated. Here you need to avoid judgmental tendencies.

Premarital counseling benefits you in a different way. I will discuss them in a more precise form

Amazing Benefits of premarital counseling every couple should know

Communication between partners is important before marriage

Communication is the key of understanding, and understanding is necessary for a healthy marriage relationship. Premarriage counseling encourages good communication skills, as it is necessary for professional as well as personal life. Undoubtedly communication skill is the biggest benefit of premarital counseling. So,  It is boon to arrange marriage, especially in India. Better communication always let the couple know about their need and desire. It improves understanding levels between partners. And It will help them in a tough time in the future.

Premarital counseling educate us How to handle family stress 

Although marriage is our beautiful dream, challenging too. Making a relationship is easy, but maintaining it requires patience. Complications, difficulties are common in life. And we have to learn stress management. Premarital counseling believes in sharing problems, and complications with your partner can reduce anxiety and excess pressure. And make an inevitable bond between husband-wife. After marriage, you both are complementary to each other. You and your fiancée won’t be different. The strong understanding between partners build up a healthy relationship.

Benefits of premarital counseling

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Handle post-marriage financial issues

Money is not the sole purpose of a happy married life, but you need money to maintain a desirable lifestyle. The financial goal is important. Income, expenditure, and saving are three pillars of the financial stage.  According to experts You and your partner make a balance between them. Need to be more focused on saving, and cut unnecessary expenses.  We can say that pre-marital counseling generally helps couples to address subtle issues in married life.

Help Couples in Future planning

Future planning is important in every aspect of life like career, baby planning, or achieving a financial goal. The premarital counselors used to guide couples on how to do the planning. Help them to accomplish their important goals. Discussing expectations from each other is important before marriage. premarital counselors mainly focus on healthy relationship goals without major conflicts.

Discover new things within each other

In premarital counseling, Counselors ask a lot of questions, when they working with would-be husband-wife. Through giving the answer you can learn a lot of unknown things about your partner, and discover it in a new way. This question-answer round is important for both love marriage and arranges marriage.  Through counseling, experts bring forth very important information that your partner reluctant to share. But it improves your relationship longevity.


Here I have discussed the benefits of premarital counseling, hope this article will help the would-be couples to get a successful married life.

Congratulations, and best wishes for new couples…

Frequently asked question

1. What is the purpose of premarital counseling?

The main purpose of premarital counseling is to prepare partners for marriage mentally. Aware them about upcoming issues and conflict in married life, also educate couples on how to handle problems together after marriage. Premarital counseling is a therapy that ensures a healthy and successful married life. Because we all deserve a stable and successful married life. This kind of counseling identifies weakness and resolve them in an intelligent way without conflicts.

2. When should you start premarital counseling?

You can start premarital counseling, after taking the decision of marriage with your partner, to get an effective result. As this kind of counseling work on your thinking level. So it requires adequate time. Marriage is all about companionship, adjustment, and acceptance., and all these three require decent time. This is not only for the couples who are getting married within three or four-month but also applicable for couples who are into a new relationship. So take a session of premarital counseling to make a strong bond with your partner.

3. Is premarital counseling important?

Yes, according to clinical psychologist premarital counseling is important before marriage. As it reduces the divorced rate,  broken marriage. And increases the success rate of marriage, build a long term healthy relationship. Better come and improves your quality of family life. Premarital counseling improves the ability of communication between each other. And communication is the key ingredient to buildup strong understanding and establishes a positive attitude between partners.

4. How many sessions require premarital counseling?

In general premarital counseling requires almost 45 days or 2 and a half months. Normally premarital counseling conduct 8-12 sessions to get a successful outcome.

5. What is the average cost of premarital counseling?

According to a report in the US, experts generally charge  $50-$75 per session. Single session per week. Total of 8-12 sessions require.

6. Does premarital counseling prevent divorce?

According to The Daily Universe, premarital counseling can reduce the divorce rate by up to 50%. Psychologist Scott Braithwaite said that couples who are going to marry in the coming age should educate themselves with some marriage planning education.

Braithwaite said that premarital counseling train couples to do their homework before taking a serious decision like marriage. So that they can get into it empowered with smartness and intelligence.




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