Achieve a beautiful makeup look without foundation

My Makeup Look
Written by Sukarna

If you want to look presentable without using a heavy foundation, then this makeup tutorial is applicable to you. I am the person who loves natural look all the time.

Actually I love to use BB cream more than a liquid foundation. So I created this makeup look with Lotus Makeup Xpress Glow 10 in 1 daily beauty cream, in the shade Royal Pearl. I used it as a base of my makeup.

You need just 6 products to create this look.

My Skin Complexion:  Fair with Yellow undertone

Skin Type:  Normal in winter, oily in other seasons

How to understand your perfect skin tone


Step By Step makeup tutorial without foundation


This is winter, so moisturizer is very important before doing any makeup. After washing my face I applied my favorite Lotus herbal alphamoist oil-free moisturizer. It completely hydrates my skin, nourishes my skin to get a very soft and smooth texture before applying BB Cream. You can use your favorite moisturizer as well, but don’t ignore this step, otherwise, your skin will look dull


After hydrating my face, I applied the magical cream Lotus Makeup Xpress Glow in the shade Royal pearl. This shade is perfect for my skin tone. You can choose according to your skin tone. It gives a very natural look, dewy finish, gives light to medium coverage. This BB cream is the one-stop solution of primer, lightweight foundation, and Concealer. Lotus Makeup Xpress Glow covers my dark circles very well.  As it contains SPF-25, you can use it in the day time, also acts as a sun protectant in winter.

I took this cream just peanut amount, applied this in dots all over my face, blended properly with a beauty blender. Applied also in my neck to match the complexion.

If you are a college student or office going girl, you can choose this product to look presentable, yet natural. It can be used on a regular basis, as it doesn’t harm your skin like foundation. Generally, we can’t use foundation on a regular basis.


Step: 3

The next step is obviously to settle down my cream on my face. So, I applied very less amount of compact powder with a powder brush.

I have used Maybelline face studio setting powder. It gives me a very natural finish, doesn’t look cakey in winter.


The base makeup completed, I am very possessive about my eyebrows, so filled and accentuated them with Wet n wild Eyebrow Kit in the shade brown.

Step: 5

I have defined my eyes with Plum Kajal pencil. I used it as my eyeliner and Kajal both. As I am a spectacle person, I prefer to choose chemical-free eye products. And Plum Kajal is parabens and other chemical-free.  It doesn’t harm your eyes if you wear lenses.

I haven’t use mascara, but you can use it to accentuate your eyelashes.

Step: 6

After moisturizing my lips with lip balm, I applied my favorite lipstick Coloressence Primea lip color, in the shade sweet maroon. I love maroon and brown lipsticks so much, it suits my complexion. To look pretty in minimal makeup, you should choose lip colors that enhance your natural beauty.

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And the final look is here…

My Makeup Look

My Picture

I hope you like my makeup without foundation look. Let me know your views in the comment section.

Happy new year to all my readers, Stay healthy and happy. Smile is the one and only makeup that enhances your beauty. Take care of yourself and stay positive always.

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